Where to Find Content Creator Tools and Resources

How to Start

The beginning is a bit bumpy when taking first steps into content creation. For me, I knew I wanted to create and had some experience telling stories through video as a wedding videographer, but had no idea what equipment to use or what software to try. It was incredibly intimidating to start from square one without knowing how to create. The one thing I knew, is that I wanted to build a community of learning, to help people start and enhance their own content creator journey by making plain the tools of the trade. That's my reason for doing what I do. Have a reason, otherwise you'll quickly discover that you'll be wandering without a mission to achieve with your content. Still, I had no idea which tools

Where is the Audience?

Believe it or not, the answer is simple but can be a hard truth to swallow early in the process. They are waiting for you to attract them. Focus on speaking and delivery - Worry later about gear. An audience will follow someone on a genuine mission. So, you have drive and ideas. How do you get it done?

Where are the Tools?

I spent hours upon hours searching for tools and building my workflow process. There was simply no easy resource to help me select a tool set for my brand of content creation. I noticed an obvious gap that would be super helpful for everyone looking for a place to begin, and to find better options. Hence, I created "Creator Toolbox", a free resource to search creator tools and help everyone get that start or build up from where they are. This is my gift to you in the pursuit of my mission - Enjoy!

Creator Toolbox: https://photolearningism.com 

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