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Looking specifically at video production with respect to content creation, there are factors to consider, when looking around for means of recording, editing, and producing a "finished video". It's important to look at the process as if a story is being told. There is a plot, information to be communicated. There are characters, which may include you and other "cast" to communicate the point(s). There is a script of sorts, with supporting evidence and development derived from structured delivery.  Elements of Video Production  This is somewhat subconsciously realized, but for every "video", there are both video and audio components. Both contribute to the quality of the production, as do many other things, such as lighting, set, and the people or items captured within the media. When it comes to a good tool that will help manage all these things and make simpler the concept of assembling a production, here are some features to check when searching for

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FLOATERS #NateCiraulo #FallPhotography #WaterPhotography #LeafPhotography Sail on, the hopes of our hearts, holding on to craved family love.

LOST #NateCiraulo #NaturePhotography #ForestPhotography #FogPhotography Exploring the unknown and searching the depths for way home.

DAYDREAMING #NateCiraulo #PortraitPhotography #HumanNatureConnection #ChildPortrait Looking southward dreaming of the warm sunshine yet to come.

GENTILE REMINDER #NateCiraulo #FlowerPhotography #NaturePhotography #SpringPhotography To remind what has been and what will be soon again.

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