How to Stay Engaged With an Audience

Ever watched a video or looked over a picture where you felt like the entire purpose was to show off? Performances are entertaining, but the best performers know that the energy of content comes from an audience. Some viewers will enjoy a skillful presentation, but the value of such content is limited to background music. It may inspire others to become more practiced in various arts, but only serves a limited purpose. Truly valuable content conveys relevant information and attracts an audience to participate in the experience and contribute to it. It opens a door to engage and share experience that far exceeds a one-way presentation. This is the framework for communities. This is the basis of meaningful content creation. 

Of course, it's not enough to simply ask questions. The subject should be important to the creator, enough to lead conversation and validate all responses. Some feedback will be encouraging and affirming. Questions, probing the topic deeper will surface. Negativity and critique will inevitably appear at times. All of these are valid feedback from an audience. Each require a different approach for engagement. Kind words should be appreciated. Questions should be properly answered, or deferred to a source that can help further. Attacks can be gently deflected and re-centered to the topic of the video to validate the value within, noting that if the comment violates community guidelines of conversation it may be necessary to remove it, but this should be a rarity. Critique can be graciously received, using wisdom to interpret its validity and adopt any change. Remember that an audience is the lifeblood of content creation. Some critique may have an abrasive edge, but it can also help refine the gold of your content and help scrape off the dross. 

Remember that a viewer has parted with precious time to watch your content and consider your thoughts. Take every opportunity to thank your audience. Be as generous as is possible and reasonable, looking at each new subscriber as as a welcome member of the community. Celebrate successes with your audience!