The Danger in Hustling

As a somewhat new #contentcreator, I know that I'm still learning the platforms and tools. I don't understand all the algorithms and am admittedly not a terrific networker. However, I have survived my first year, showing consistent audience growth. I couldn't be more proud of my #YouTube channel that is coming into focus and the faithful audience that has joined in my interest of art technologies, helping me cultivate a community of learning. Thank you everyone!

I've found a few reliable sources of guidance I've come to trust, but don't necessary agree with 100%. This is not a bad thing, as we'd never challenge our potential and never come to better understanding if all our relationships were based "yes" and "I agree." Questions prompt deeper understanding and force us to solidify our positions. This aside, there is a growing trend of advice that I see in #contentcreators that scares me, and I believe poses a danger. In reading #Twitter feeds, I see a very common theme of "Sacrifice everything to succeed", or "Work hard, sleep little." I won't disagree that success comes with the price of sacrifice. Yet, I will challenge the notion that success means achieving goals at the expense of health, family, and relationships. I'm reading how people postpone dates for the sake of keeping up with social media demands. They sleep so little that they try to make satire out of their exhausted state. I know this is not everyone in the #contentcreator community, but it is a growing voice, slowly tipping work-life scales off balance. 

Take the time to speak with your spouse, siblings, and or close friends. Keep open channels of communication and be open to feedback about how the ambition to succeed may be placing demands on a marriage or family relationship. Don't forget that these take work to maintain as well and should not be neglected for the sake of success! Build a schedule with your spouse or ask for help from a close friend if not married. MAKE TIME FOR RELATIONSHIPS AND REST. Success will mean nothing if it costs the friendships it took a lifetime to build. In working out the mechanics with your spouse and or close friends, it gives them an opportunity to share the success, prevents burnout, and adds safe-guards that value the integrity of relationships. Don't be afraid of hustling, so long as it doesn't compromise everything else of value. Keep the balance, my friends!