It's OK to Feel Deflated

Here's a simple truth that sometimes hits hard in the entrepreneurial world: Some will reach profitability sooner than others. It can be discouraging to watch others reach a place in their business that generates returns with seemingly just a few months of effort while yours survives only by your personal drive to see it through. It can feel like your attempts at creating opportunity are failing. It can appear that nothing you do brings you any closer to feeling like what you do makes a difference or produces enough to justify the continued sacrifice. When you encounter disappointment, give yourself permission to have feelings. Trapping emotion within yourself doesn't make you stronger; It will actually weaken you. Remember that diligence and persistence will always beat out a meteoric rise.

I'm not suggesting to set low expectations, but instead that reasonable, realistic, and measurable goals should be set. If your definition of success is how immediately profitable your content is, you're setting yourself up for failure. Let's get some simple facts out in the clear - No one knows who you are, if you are trustworthy or credible, and if you will prove reliable. When starting out, measure success using the metrics within your control. These include number of published videos (or blogs, pictures, etc.), number of networking conversations, or skills to master in a month, quarter, or year. These are achievable goals to complete and celebrate! Almost indirectly the views, watched hours, comments, and subscribers will begin as a result of your personal commitment and diligence. Proving yourself consistent builds trust and attracts an audience. Remember this is a compounded result that grows the longer you are faithful to produce. You can make it!