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Your first question probably is, “Who is this Nate guy?” I’m a husband, father, system administrator, photographer, and general DIYer. If I can do a task myself, my first inclination is to fire up the trusty Internet and ask if anyone else has figured out how to do that thing. As I continued to problem-solve my own challenges this way, I realized there were opportunities for clarity and questions that weren’t being answered. Tools and processes were SO difficult to track down. Hence, I embarked on another role in my life: to create content not just for myself, but for a growing community of people I discovered were facing similar frustrations. I wanted to give hope to others working a day job and raising a family, which are tremendous blessings, but seeking something more to accomplish.



  1. Hi
    There is no personal way to connect like through emails ?
    Happy Merry Christmas
    You are doing great.

  2. Hi Nate

    just wanted to reach out to let you know I have added links to your account as part of a video I have put together to bring together a source for promoting content and tutorial makers in FOSS to raise the level of awareness of the true power of open source to use in their everyday life as artists and in general day to day!

    I am trying to do this locally and providing the FOSS on thumb drives, give advice, create presentations and advocate for people to use FOSS and the benefits of doing such.

    Feel free to have a look, there are links and credits accordingly to promote your youtube, I hope all is well and maybe we can expand all this and create more input to the conversation and further those creators of the software to be able to work full time on their software with support which in turns benefits all of us using them.

    This is my link to the video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UGq3pSOqw4&t=23s

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Gary! Thank you so much for leaving a comment and including my content in your video! I think the collection of FOSS in the video is fantastic and (if you have no objection, I'd like to include it on my "Creator Toolbox" (https://Photolearningism.com) as a great resource to point out the different open source technologies~


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