New Site Design!


I've spent a considerable amount of time redesigning my site to be more accommodating to multiple devices, chasing new ideas and concepts. I'm very pleased to announce the version 2 release!

V1 Design

V2 Design (NEW!)


I set out with a specific idea with my first version to create a gallery style site, with an option to expand to a stock library in the background. While I felt that I accomplished the "gallery" idea, I realized how restrictive the concept design was in preventing expansion towards the stock library approach. I was forced to abandon the V1 design and move towards a multi-device design, capable of supporting interaction without reliance on a specific user interface (for example the mouse point and click approach of a PC, versus tap interface of mobile devices). Hence, the V2 design was born, looking towards greater scale-ability with a variety of features.  I'm very excited to expand into this new design and provide greater functionality with time. Have a look and let me know your thoughts!

Thanks so much!